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August 31, 2016, 12:00 AM

A Lamp Unto Your Feet

I bring you greetings in the strong name of Jesus Christ. I pray you are ever drawing closer our precious Heavenly Father. May His Word be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

I would like to begin by asking a simple question: Are you faithfully studying God’s Word? One of the key responsibilities of a follower of Jesus is to be a student of the Word. It cannot be that the people of God should grow in grace unless they give themselves to the habit of faithfully reading the Word of God. A reading people will always be a knowing people. 

It is Scripture that is the reality-depth of our prayer life, for we speak to Him when we pray: we hear Him when we read and study the Scriptures. Indeed, the Apostle Paul challenged young Timothy, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15, NIV). The encouragement to “do your best” indicates that excellence in biblical literacy does not happen automatically, even for those who approach it with a heart for God. “Work hard,” the NLT reads; the NASB says, “Be diligent.” Further, Timothy is urged to “correctly handle” or “rightly divide” the word of truth. The Greek text paints a picture of one who drives a straight road through the truth and refuses to be lured down pleasant but irrelevant rabbit trails. Such distractions, as 2 Tim. 2:16 points out, lead to “godless chatter” and an ungodly life.

Richard Foster writes: Many Christians remain in bondage to fears and anxieties simply because they do not avail themselves of the Discipline of study. They may be faithful in church attendance and earnest in fulfilling their religious duties and still they are not changed . . . They may sing with gusto; pray in the Spirit, live as obediently as they know, even receive divine visions and revelations; and yet the tenor of their lives remains unchanged. Why? Because they have never taken up one of the central ways God uses to change us: study. Jesus made it unmistakably clear that it is the knowledge of the truth that will set us free.

If you’re not already in the habit of studying the Word, why not start today? Get into a study group, a quiz team, or an accountability group! I invite you to pray the following with me: O you who are the Source and Ground of all truth, guide me today, I beseech you, in my hours of reading. Let the Bible have proper place in my life; and grant that as I read I may be alive to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit in my soul. Amen. 

You are Loved!
Pastor Jason Stevens

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